Support for grieving children and their families/carers

Registered Charity Number 1201585


The Never Alone Project 


The Never Alone Project is firmly committed to the belief that all children and young people have a fundamental right to be protected from harm, and fully recognises its responsibility for child protection. The safety and protection of all children and young people that The Never Alone Project supports is paramount, and has priority over all other interests.  

The purpose of this Child Protection Policy is to ensure at all times the maximum protection from any kind of harm for all young people involved in anyway with The Never Alone Project. For the purposes of this policy The Never Alone Project have defined harm as: 

This policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Employment or contract and applies to all paid workers, volunteers and work experience placements. Its purpose is to protect the personal safety of all children and young people using the facilities, resources and activities provided by The Never Alone Project by actively promoting awareness, good practice and sound procedures. 

The Never Alone Project – Safeguarding Lead: 

Jodie Mortern-Davies 
Bereavement Service Manager 





Reporting Procedures 

Allegations against paid workers/volunteers 

This action does not imply in any way that the person suspended is responsible for, or is to blame for any action leading up to the complaint. The purpose of any such suspension is to enable a full and proper investigation to be carried out in a totally professional manner. 

I confirm that I have read and understood this policy.  

 This policy was reviewed October 2023. The next renewal date will be October 2024.   

Signed: ILee 

Ilze-Lee Sinfield 
Founder/ Chair of Trustees 
The Never Alone Project