Support for grieving children and their families/carers

Registered Charity Number 1201585

Meet The Team

Our team is dedicated to helping children who are going through bereavement.

Get to know the people who make The Never Alone Project what it is.


Ilze Lee


Ilze Lee is the founder of The Never Alone Project. Ilze’s father and brother died only 9 days apart, and as the family was trying to process the loss, her children’s father also died unexpectedly.

This brought an acute awareness of the lack of services available in Northamptonshire. Ilze wrote a book for grieving children, ‘Upside Down, Downside Up‘, a story and workbook for children, to encourage communication through various stages of grief. Before too long, The Never Alone Project was born.

Ilze develops and deliver services to those who are grieving and oversees the strategic implementation. She is also an advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, and helps deliver group programs and training.


Jodie Mortern-Davies

Bereavement Support Manager/ Safeguarding Lead

After dedicating 8 years in the field of education, Jodie is now a full time member of staff at TNAP. With her background as a qualified teacher, NLP practitioner and a Grief Recovery Specialist she provides support and guidance to all who are grieving. She helps develop services for our young people 13 -18, and delivers GRM group programs as well as our Helping Children with Loss training.


Sally Andrews

Bereavement Support Lead/ Group Facilitator
Sally has been a primary school teacher for 28 years, and now uses her expertise to help our younger bereaved children. She has a particular focus on those with Special Educational Needs, and works tirelessly towards delivering a tailored service to those who need a bit of extra support. Sally also leads our children groups, ensuring that it is a safe and welcoming space for all. 


Ilze Lee is Chair of Trustees and supported by: 

Sally Edwards


With vast experience in the publishing world and managing an international company, Sally keeps a critical eye on the growth as well as the viability of new services. Her business acumen is vital in the development and expansion of TNAP.

Daniel Brewster

Daniel’s experience as a long term purchaser for one of England’s most prestigious companies, Jaguar LandRover, comes in very handy when working with Ilze on the financial side of TNAP. His keen eye for detail as well as his passion for improving mental health for all, is the perfect combination for his role as treasurer. 

Carol Fletcher


With a passionate belief in the power of charity and volunteer work, Carol Fletcher serves on a variety of committees. She is known for her extensive work with the Women’s Institute. Besides her vast knowledge as a member of the board, she also gives a unique insight to fundraising and networking. We’re so happy to have Carol Fletcher as part of the The Never Alone Project team.

James Gibbons


A welcome addition to our team, James is director of a successful local business, and a HR expert. His  passion is around mental health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on employee wellbeing in the workplace. James is instrumental in corporate support and growth. 

Leona Burton


Our patron is an extraordinary woman.

Not only is she running a huge, impactful international business alongside her husband, she is also doing this as mum of six.

Leona is well known for tackling difficult topics through the work that she does. She doesn’t shy away from talking openly about her own family’s experience with bereavement, and she also supports many parents within her community who cares for children who are grieving.

She also adds more than just a touch of glamour, with varied experiences as an actress and model. She is a regular in national press, often talking about things that others don’t.

We are also privileged to have the support of several volunteers and ambassadors, who are all working together to help us supporting those who are adjusting to life without a loved one. 

If you’d like to have a chat with one of our team, we’d love to have a conversation with you.