Support for grieving children and their families/carers

Registered Charity Number 1201585

The Never Alone Project

The Never Alone Project aims to support bereaved children and their families in the UK online.
We also offer face to face services in Northamptonshire. We stand together as a community to reduce isolation and create a safe space to deal with grief.


We offer a variety of support.
  • For professionals – we offer information and training programs, enabling you to help grieving children
  • For parents and carers of bereaved children – we offer grief recovery programs as well as one-to-one support, family events and support groups
  • For children – we offer one-to-one support, group sessions and social events

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain


For support, please fill out our referral form

01933 588009